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Ep57: Avoiding Conflict During Thanksgiving

It’s that time of year, when we look forward to food, drink, and time with people we care about. It’s also when we might dread spending time with people we care about, because that time is filled with talking, and that talking might go in directions that cause conflict. And no, I’m not talking about debating who will win the big game or which movie you want to watch. While Thanksgiving 2016 was probably the most stressful in recent memory for families and friends with differing political views, the Thanksgiving of 2019 is likely to be a close second.

Our question this episode: how can we come together when our views threaten to drive us apart?

‘Tis the season for good cheer and celebration, gifts and gratitude. These are all things that we anticipate… and sometimes, we also anticipate not so happy feelings that come along with visiting with people we love but with whom we disagree. But it doesn’t have to be stressful – we have more choice about that than we often realize. I’m going to offer you a handful of tips that I hope will be useful to you when it’s time to gather around the table. I also want to share a story about what I’m grateful for this holiday season, so stick around for that after the call to action.

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Me and the lovely Lilia with the “Mentor Mug” (listen to the episode to get the story!)