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Ep47: Cultivating Conversational Intelligence with Michael O’Brien

Sometimes our journey towards greater self-awareness seems slow and ponderous. And other times, life decides to hit the fast-forward button and give us a can’t-miss catalyst for profound change. No matter which happens to you, both involve conversations. Conversations we have with ourselves, and those we have with others. And the quality of those conversations shapes our life satisfaction.

Our question this episode: how can we boost our conversational intelligence, from the inside out?

Today we’re going to hear from Michael O’Brien, who experienced that can’t-miss catalyst for change in a way that I hope none of you listening ever have to live through. In the first part of our conversation, we focus on the destructive self-talk that he learned how to move through. Then we shift a bit to discuss the basics of Conversational Intelligence, which increases our capacity to build trust and connection with others.

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Meet Michael

Conversational Intelligence Michael O'Brien Last Bad DayMichael O’Brien is the Chief Shift Officer at Peloton Coaching and Consulting. He elevates successful corporate leaders by preventing bad moments from turning into bad days. His award-winning, best-selling memoir Shift: Creating Better Tomorrows chronicles his Last Bad Day and near-death cycling accident recovery journey. He has shared his inspirational story and transformation from human DOer to human BEing at work and at home on the TEDx stage and with multiple Fortune 500 companies.

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