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Couples Communication in Quarantine with Marianne van Dijk

As life in the pandemic continues, our capacity for empathy and connection can come and go. Sometimes it’s easy to be present for our loved ones, and other times, we need space and just to be left alone. Asking for what we need and having boundaries can be challenging enough during non-stressful times, but add a pandemic and all that comes with it into the mix? Things get more complicated.

Our question this episode: how can we take care of ourselves and our relationships during a time of uncertainty and stress?

My guest is relationship communication expert Marianne van Dijk. We talk about how to keep your love relationship healthy, especially in times when tensions are high. (PS: Her tips work for other types of relationships, too!)

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Meet Marianne

Marianne van Dijk Cup of Empathy Quarantine Communication

Marianne Van Dijk is a relationship coach based in Amsterdam working with Nonviolent Communication. Her business is called Cup of Empathy and her Youtube channel—which you can also find under the name Cup of Empathy—is currently the biggest channel about Nonviolent communication worldwide. Marianne helps people learn the mindset and skills they need for more connection in their love relationship. Most recently, she’s been focused on delivering courses on how to deal with the effects of Corona on relationships and doing research on the effects of Corona on couples.

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