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Creating Communication-Friendly Spaces with Rebecca West

We all know that our physical surroundings influence our mood and ability to focus. But do we fully appreciate how much they affect our communication? How a room is arranged, what’s in the space, and how welcoming it is all contribute – or detract – from being able to have productive conversations.

Our question this episode: what does our physical space have to do with our capacity for connection?

My special guest is Rebecca West, founder of Seriously Happy Homes.

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Meet Rebecca

Rebecca West, Seriously Happy Homes Communication-Friendly Spaces

Rebecca West is CEO of the interior design company Seriously Happy Homes and author of the book “Happy Starts at Home.” Even though she’s an award-winning designer she really doesn’t care if anyone ever buys a new sofa. She just wants our homes to be our happy place. Rebecca can’t resist a cat video or a costume party, loves Oreos and Scotch whiskey, and has a knack for seeing the silver lining in most situations.

Seriously Happy Homes
Rebecca’s Book: Happy Starts at Home
Instagram: Be Seriously Happy
Instagram: Seriously Happy Homes