Ep46: Cross-Cultural Communication with Susan Shirley

When we think of traveling outside our native country, we usually consider the obvious differences we’ll experience: language, food, clothing, architecture. But there’s another layer of difference that’s more subtle and can dramatically affect how well we navigate our new environment.

Our question this episode: what’s important to consider when communicating with others in a culture different from your own?

Today’s guest caught my eye on LinkedIn with a post about cultural sensitivity when working in countries other than your own. What’s interesting is that even though we’re talking about different countries, there are communication style differences to consider even within the same country!

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Susan Shirley Cross-Cultural CommunicationSusan Shirley is a Leadership Professional who works with leaders and teams in multicultural environments. Living and working abroad for 25 of the last 30 years has given her insight into the challenges that face expatriates, local staff working with international organizations, and teams working remotely across times zones and cultures. Susan draws on her experience as a global nomad to provide leadership coaching, training and team workshops for people around the world.

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