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Ep41: Flipping Failure with Sarah McVanel (Part 1)

There are things we say we’re okay with, but when the rubber meets the road, we balk. Failure is one such thing. Our society often hands us contradictory messages that failure isn’t an option, while saying it’s important we learn from our mistakes. Yes, context is everything. We don’t want a surgeon operating on us to decide failure is an option they can take. But most of us hold ourselves to a surgeon’s standards, saying we’re okay with failure but then feeling like the world is ending when it actually happens. Our question this episode: how can we re-calibrate our relationship to failure so that it’s productive, not destructive?

My guest today is Sarah McVanel, who is going to share with us insights she gained as she wrote her latest book, “Flip Side of Failing.”

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Sarah McVanel helps leaders leverage the exponential power of recognition to retain top talent. She jokes it’s the only “lane” that pulls together her BA (Psych), MSc (Family Relations), & certifications in Organizational Development, Coaching, Human Resources, Speaking & Healthcare Admin! She left her senior leadership role 4 years ago to launch her boutique firm Greatness Magnified, authoring some books, VLOGing, tap dancing, & getting up to no good with her hubby Mark and kids Justin (16) & Simonne (14).

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