Dwennimmen Humility Strength Symbol Adrinka West Africa

Ep34: Humility, Ego, and Civil Conversations

If we’ve spent a lot of time thinking about our values and beliefs and how those apply to social and cultural issues, then we can become very attached to thinking that we’re right, they’re wrong, and that’s that. But remember: everyone feels that way, and the person you think is wrong thinks they’re right, and you’re wrong, and that’s that. We’re left with an impenetrable wall between us that only becomes taller as we dig in our heels. But there is another way.

Our question this episode: what role does humility play in challenging conversations?

About the featured image: this is a West African Adrinka symbol, Dwennimmen, which means “ram’s horns.” I provide further context about its connection to humility in the episode.

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