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Ep22: Money: Make the Case, Make the Ask with Grace Judson

When I was in grad school for arts administration, we learned a basic fact in our fundraising course that I’ve never forgotten: the number one reason people don’t give money to charity is because they aren’t asked. That goes not only for donations, but for raises, for project funds, or any other situation where direct ask has to happen in order for money to change hands. Our question this episode: how do we frame a request for money so that we increase our chances of success?   

I’m pleased to welcome Grace Judson back to the show for a conversation about something many of us get tied up in knots about: asking for money.

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Grace Judson is a leadership coach and consultant focusing on first-line and recently-promoted managers and supervisors, helping them cross that daunting gap between being part of a team, and leading a team.

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Drawing on her 25 years of corporate experience – including 16 years of executive leadership – plus 13 years of leadership coaching, Grace works with individuals, teams, and leaders to develop their skills, helping them become the empowered leaders they want to be – and their teams deserve.

She points out that she’s not as old as all those years of experience might indicate. After all, she started her career as a two-year-old, turning her parents’ faces toward each other when they argued, wanting them to see each other instead of fighting. That was the beginning of her lifelong quest to understand what makes people tick – and what makes a good, or even great, leader.

Learn more and connect with Grace on LinkedIn. You can also find her on YouTube.

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