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Overcoming Public Speaking Anxiety with Michelle Barry Franco

There’s a widely circulated saying that people fear public speaking more than death. That funny but misguided bit of trivia distracts us from the opportunity we have whenever we’re given the literal or metaphorical microphone and invited to share our thoughts.

Our question this episode: what strategies for overcoming public speaking anxiety can help us be better communicators?

If you don’t consider yourself a public speaker, I invite you to think again. I can’t remember who planted this idea in my head, but there’s truth to it: we are all public speakers, every day. Whenever we open our mouths to speak to someone, we are communicating publicly with the intention of being persuasive, giving or receiving information, or accomplishing a goal. You don’t have to be on a stage or behind a podium to carry yourself and your voice with authority. My guest today is Michelle Barry Franco, and she shares strategies that help you speaking from the stage with ease also apply to having more courageous everyday conversations.

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Meet Michelle

Michelle Barry Franco works with founders, entrepreneurs, coaches, and wellness experts who want to become recognized leaders in their industry through speaking and thought leadership. She has helped many clients share their message and story on TEDx stages and at the best conferences in their industry and grow thriving businesses that make a positive difference in the world along the way. She is the author of Beyond Applause: Make a Meaningful Difference through Transformational Speaking* and creator of the Recognized Leader program and Speak So It Matters presentations skills training. When she’s not accelerating thought leadership success with her clients, Michelle hosts her own show, The Thought Leadership School podcast.

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