Ep26: Your Questions: Resolving Conflict Within Community with Judy Hissong

It’s the rare environment when we’re completely alone with no one else to consider. Whether it’s home, work, school, or social situations, our choices and actions have a ripple effect, even if we aren’t aware of it. Sometimes it’s easy to fit in and our impact is minimal. Other times, our behavior isn’t just a ripple, it’s a tsunami, and that’s when a challenging conversation might be in our future. Our question this episode: how do we diffuse conflict while staying in community with one another?

We have a terrific listener question to respond to, and my guest, executive coach Judy Hissong, is the first person who came to mind as being ideally suited to offer her perspective. I’ll preface this by saying that while the context of the listener question is sports, what she asks applies in almost any environment where people are expected to respect one another, be accommodating, and collaborate.

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Judy Hissong Conflict CommunityJudy Hissong is the President of Nesso Strategies. Nesso is the Italian word for connection, and connecting strategies is Judy’s passion. Her financial background pairs with her athletic mindset and her Executive Coach training as she partners with professionals for strategic planning, leadership development, executive coaching, team-building and training in conflict and communication skills. Her vision is #worlddominationforGood as she inspires audiences of all sizes to move the needle on relationships – making cents and sense. You can subscribe to Judy’s newsletter here.

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