Ep28: Self-Awareness and Authority with Caryn Lee

“There are three things extremely hard: Steel, a Diamond, and to know one’s self.” With those words from the 1750 edition of Poor Richard’s Almanac, Benjamin Franklin shared a maxim that has been around since the ancient Greeks: know thyself. Long before Franklin, Socrates gave us the oft-quoted saying “The unexamined life is not worth living.” In addition to giving life meaning, examining our lives and knowing ourselves helps us to be in relationship with other people. When we know who we are, we can be better communicators. Our question this episode: how do our preferences and personality influence our communication with others?

I’m pleased to be welcoming Narrative founder Caryn Lee to the show to talk about how deepening our self-awareness can support us in figuring out how to best communicate with others, especially in sticky situations. We also respond to a listener question about asserting one’s authority in the face of resistance.

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Narrative Caryn Lee Authority Self-AwarenessNarrative founder Caryn Lee is a business person. In the sometimes “touchy feely” world of leadership development, personality assessments, and training, Caryn maintains a focus on solutions that improve profitability. Her deep business background helps her bring a fresh perspective and enables her to pursue her greatest passion: helping people become more successful and satisfied in their professional lives.

Caryn founded Narrative in 2014, a consulting firm improving business performance through consulting, training, and certification of the Narrative Big Five Self-Assessment. She founded Narrative after a successful 15-year career with Accenture, followed by 10 years with a small assessment publisher.

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