Impatience is a Virtue – Speaking Out Against Systemic Racism

Special Note: I had published this episode, thinking I was ready to share these particular thoughts with a broader audience than it was originally intended for. Upon reflection, I came to the conclusion that I was not ready; therefore, I removed it from my feed. My apologies if you came here expecting to listen.

I removed it not because I don’t stand by what I originally shared. I believe racism in any form is intolerable and we ought to be doing our own work to learn where we have been complicit in a system that has oppressed black and brown people for centuries. If there comes a time when I feel sharing my own journey in the spirit of supporting you in yours is appropriate, I will do so. Until then, I’m going to focus on my internal work and invite you to do the same. Peace, health, and safety to you! 🙏

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