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Ep33: How to Talk with Kids About Tough Topics with Dakota Duncan

When a challenge is big, scary, or complex, sometimes it feels easiest to bury our heads in the sand and hope that someone else figures it all out. That might work with some things, but it doesn’t work with the stuff that affects us all, like climate change. We have to find a way to talk about it. And that urgency is compounded when we have kids. Our question this episode: how do we talk with kids about a complex, emotional topic such as climate change?

My guest today is Dakota Duncan, who will give us some advice on having a potentially difficult conversation with children about the environment and climate change. That might seem like a narrow focus, but in reality, you’ll find her insights useful for a range of difficult conversations with adults and children like.

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Dakota Duncan Tough Topics How Can I Say This Climate ChangeDakota Duncan is an author and illustrator who just released her first graphic novel, Endangered Species Superheroes. She has been an animal lover since a very early age and recalls that Jane Goodall was her first hero. Dakota is excited to share her love of animals and hopes to inspire others to be good caretakers of the earth and its inhabitants. During law school, which she attended later in life, Dakota specialized in Environmental Studies. She is currently a member of the Oregon State Bar. She lives with her wife, two children, and various furry creatures in Washington State.

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