Ep008: Veronica Cravener, Determining Your Interests and Wants

We’ve all found ourselves in arguments where we reach a stalemate. Neither person seems willing to budge on what they need, and frustration builds instead of goes away. After all, what I want is what I want! Isn’t that what I’m arguing for? Well, it turns out there’s more at stake than what we think. And one way to get past the frustration is to find out what that is. What are some ways we can get at what really matters in a disagreement? In this episode, I’m joined by mediator Veronica Cravener, who provides insights about what gets in our way in difficult conversations and how we can best share our needs, wants and interests with others.

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Veronica Cravener Interests Needs Wants MediationVeronica Cravener started her career as an attorney and is now a professional mediator. In her role as the Small Claims and Mediation Supervisor at the Franklin County Municipal Court in Columbus, OH, she helps parties resolve conflict in a way that works for them, outside of a courtroom. She mediates civil issues, primarily landlord/tenant, consumer/business, and disputes over money owed. Veronica is also the Chair of the Alternative Dispute Resolution committee for the Columbus Bar Association.

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