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Ep53: When It Gets Personal (Listener Question with guest Arden Clise)

If we hang around with someone long enough, there are little things that pop up that can distract us from heart of the relationship. It might be the way another person eats, dresses, or even folds the towels. And those might seem trivial – after all, differences or annoyances in those areas aren’t make-or-break issues. But they’re not so trivial when they become distractions that suck up our attention.

Our question this episode: how should we approach sensitive topics that have to do with someone’s personal habits?

This episode focuses on a listener question about giving feedback to someone about a personal quirk. When I read the question, I found myself stumped a bit, so I decided to call on my friend and colleague, Arden Clise. If you’re a regular listener, you might remember her from our conversation in episode 5, which serves as a good companion episode to this one.

Here’s the listener question, submitted anonymously:
“How do I tell a member of my family about their eating habit, about eating with their mouth shut without hurting their feelings?”

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Meet Arden

Arden Clise is founder and president of Clise Etiquette. Her love for business etiquette began in previous jobs when she was frequently asked for etiquette, public speaking and business attire advice by executives and board members. The passion for etiquette took hold and compelled Arden to start a consulting business to help others. Today, as a professional trainer, coach, speaker and author, Arden has helped thousands of professionals, from executives to front-line staff, confidently and comfortably navigate business situations for career success. She is the author of  Spinach In Your Boss’s Teeth: Essential Etiquette for Professional Success. 

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